Step 1

Begin by starting your Luw AI with an empty persona or selecting a template to jumpstart your AI persona. Give your AI persona a name and choose a title.

Step 2

Upload an image for redesigning or leave it empty if you're seeking inspiration. Enter a description of what you'd like to create, such as "cafe interior in Paris," and tap the LUW button.

Step 3

Explore the additional features to enhance your designs:

  • Magic Wand: Edit your images effortlessly with AI using simple prompts like "Remove background."
  • Redesign: Transform any architectural photo or sketch with custom AI prompts like "Make it neo-classic" for unique, eye-catching creations.
  • AI Rendering: Seamlessly render realistic and fast images from any 3D application. Modify 3D objects without the need to download and redesign the entire scene, as AI RENDER does it all for you automatically.
Step 4

Refine your results by using the LIKE or UNLIKE buttons to guide the AI towards better outcomes. Enjoy exploring your creative potential with Luw AI!